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Winter Solstice Meditation December 21st


Join Dr. Paul Drouin and the Project Noosphere community in Global Meditation for the Winter Solstice on December 21.

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the rebirth of the sun. It is a sacred time where the Universe invites us to reflect on our growth and asks us to let go of what no longer serves us in order to move into the new year with positive energy.

Take the longest night of the year as an opportunity to release the energies of 2022 with a reset of the Biofield. Celebrate your bright new beginnings as the sun is reborn and the journey to Summer Solstice begins.



At any time on December 21, use Project Noosphere’s new supercharged Mobile Application, Website or 3D Interactive Tour, connect to the energy of the Winter Solstice and let it intensify your intention to Heal Yourself, Heal the World.

*Now with Quantum Energetic Analysis*

1. Download the ‘Project Noosphere’ App on iOS or Android
2. Log in using your Project Noosphere website login credentials. If you do not have an account, sign up here.
3. Complete the NEW Quantum Energetic Analysis
4. Set Your Intention
5. Play the ‘Quick Reset of the Biofield’ meditation video to commence your experience!

Project noosphere Media item
Project noosphere Media item


1. Ensure you are logged in to your Project Noosphere account.
2. Go to the Meditation Page and Set Your Intention at Step 1
Note: If you are specifically setting your intention for yourself or a loved one, you can now upload a photo of that special person to the Noosphere Map so that the entire Noosphere Community can send healing intentions to them too! Simply click the diamonds on the map to view any photos submitted from your fellow meditators around the globe! 
3. Scroll down to Step 2 and click to play the ‘Quick Reset of the Biofield’ meditation video as you connect with the power of the Winter Solstice!


Enter a new dimension of the Noosphere with the 3D Interactive Tour, available for you to experience at Step 2 of the Meditation Page.

Follow the guide below to get started:

1. At Step 2 of the Meditation Page, click the ‘Start Now‘ button to enter the 3D experience
2. You will find yourself at the exterior of the Noosphere Pyramid. Use the dropdown located at the bottom right of your screen and select ‘Center – Noosphere Pyramid‘ to teleport inside
3. Click ‘Select Meditation’
4. Click ‘Quick Reset of the Biofield, Meridians and Kouas’
5. The Intro video will start to play, followed by the meditation video. Close your eyes, connect to the power of the Winter Solstice and commence the Reset!

Project noosphere Media item