Dr. Paul Drouin’s Meditation World Tour

Watch the Highlights from this Tour

Watch Highlights
from the 2016
Meditation World Tour

Watch Highlights of Dr. Paul Drouin’s Meditation World Tour 2016. The global online meditation continues. Log in online at anytime, day or night, to meditate with Dr. Paul and many others around the world – “Heal Yourself. Heal the World.”

Meditation Around the World

Mokoli’i, Oahu, Hawaii (Chinaman’s Hat)

Bangalore, India (Pyramid Valley)

Lumbini, Nepal (Buddha’s Birthplace)

Guilin, China (Li River)

Beijing, China (Forbidden City)

New York City, USA (World Trade Center)

Halifax, Canada (Tommy’s Birthplace)

Athens, Greece (Parthenon)

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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