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Do you have a question about Project Noosphere’s website or mobile application? Find the answers you’re looking for below or contact us at


How do I become a member of Project Noosphere?

Simply Register a free account HERE and follow the prompts to sign up via Email, Facebook or Google.

How do I meditate with Project Noosphere?

Sign in Project Noosphere and head over to the ‘Meditation‘ Page. When signed in, you will be presented with 2 steps to successfully meditate with Project Noosphere. All you need to do is 1. Set Your Intention, and 2. Watch the Guided Meditation to support your practice. You can also join one of our Global Meditation Events as they are held, be sure to check our Events page to stay up to date!

How much does shipping cost for Meditation Tools?

Shipping will depend based on your location. You can calculate your shipping costs by adding products to your cart, and clicking the ‘Calculate Shipping’ button on your Cart Page.

How do I download the Project Noosphere Mobile Application?

Visit the Apple store on iOS or the Play store on Android, and search for ‘Project Noosphere’. Our icon with the world symbol will appear, click to install the application.

If I am a member of Project Noosphere's website, can I sign in to the mobile application?

Yes, if you have a log in email and password, these will work on the mobile application.

How does the Mobile Application work?

Project Noosphere’s mobile application was designed as an easy access point to meditate with Project Noosphere. When the app is downloaded, simply sign in to your account, or opt to register an account. You will then be brought to Step 1 where you can Set Your Intention, you will then be brought to Step 2 to Watch the Guided Meditation to support your practice.

Once you sign in to your account, you will not need to sign in again. If you wish to log out, just click the three lines at the top right of the app and click ‘Log Out’.