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Project Noosphere Global Meditation

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Project Noosphere is implementing the gathering of a critical mass of 1% of the world’s population for the purpose of focusing on individual and social coherence to generate more harmony, peace, and healing. Together we will be generating the butterfly effect that can generate spontaneous healing at any moment. Everyone meditating on the same intention of Healing the World creates a gigantic accelerator of consciousness that will benefit everyone.

Step 1: Set your intention to support and heal yourself or others anywhere around the globe

Please add your intention to the map by completing the fields below each time you join the meditation. This is a very important step. Let others know you are here! Your experience will be enhanced by the synergistic effect of meditating with the other participants. The Project is like a gigantic accelerator of consciousness that supports you, as you are supporting others.

Enter your Name or Intention Title, location for intention, and intention where indicated. Please note these details will be posted on the Noosphere Map, if you do not wish to use your real name please use an alias.


Make sure your speakers are on.

Sit comfortably in a relaxed position, keeping your spine erect.

Breathe slowly and deeply, and allow yourself to become calm, being aware that the breath is a bridge to the Light within.

Click the full-screen button for a better viewing experience.

Follow the first instructional video to establish a quick reset of the Biofield. You can also experience the extended Kouas meditation videos that follow.


Note: The guided meditation is a preparation for going deeper into meditation in your own way. So if you feel you would like to close your eyes while gazing at the screen, simply let go and embrace the collective consciousness interconnection.

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