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Who Heals?

Years ago, I was invited to a convention in Switzerland where doctors from all over the world came together to explore one main question: “Who heals?” From a diversity of cultures and backgrounds, everyone dealt with one aspect of the question, and there were as many answers to that question as there were participants. However, that question was actually answered earlier by one of my clients at the beginning of my rural medical practice.

I will never forget this particular consultation. One day, a lady of great stature and confidence walked into my office. She was the wife of a farmer, and her language was straightforward and unequivocal. She confidently strode in and sat solidly down in the consultation chair, looked directly into my eyes, and said, “Doctor, you are not the one who heals here. The Lord is the one.”

What that lady expressed to me years ago is what many of our ancestors have known for generations. There is an unseen element involved in healing that goes beyond the doctor’s prescription. Today, quantum physicists such as Dr. Amit Goswami describe this unseen element as consciousness. Dr. Goswami purports that consciousness, as “the ground of all being,” is the source from which healing comes. This fundamental element – that Life heals itself, and that the role of the healer or doctor is to support this healing process medically or naturally – is often overshadowed by the belief that the doctor (healer) is in control and can fix everything.

Years later, as I watched a sci-fi movie called K-Pax, I was struck by a passage spoken by the main character: “For your information, every being has the capacity to cure themselves.”  But we have forgotten that the right to heal belongs to everyone and that the right to support this process should also be embedded in an education that is open to anyone who desires to acquire this knowledge. These concepts became the founding principles of Quantum University.

Conventional medicine, with its pretense of having solved the mystery of healing, has created a costly healthcare system based on a symptomatic approach in which pharmaceuticals and surgical techniques have been empowered as the primary methods of healing. We now need to go deeper into our investigation to realize that factors related to healing must be reconsidered from a totally new perspective. For example: “How can we restore the power of healing to the patient?” “How can we empower people with the ability to heal themselves and help them reach their full potentiality for wellness?”

One way we can do this is by educating people on how to access the art of healing from within through consciousness. This knowledge could be made accessible to everyone and also taught as part of a medical school curriculum. Doctors and other healthcare providers could then pass on this information to their patients to make them aware of how they can contribute to their own healing. This is one component of the training now being offered to healthcare professionals and practitioners in Integrative Quantum Medicine at Quantum University.