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Quantum Culture Is Pro-Consciousness

Today when we analyze our society at different levels, we tend to use filters that are often divisive and seldom creative. For example, we use the term theocracy in contrast to the secular world, socialism versus capitalism, and conventional compared to alternative medicine.

This tendency is actually very helpful at some level to further a better understanding of the differences between the various dualities and why these different points of view are difficult to resolve.

Proponents on both sides often develop a rigid and emotional position, believing that the other point of view must be eliminated. Opposition between differing scientific theories about socio-economic systems, philosophies, or religions seems to belong to our collective DNA.

If we look more closely in medicine, conventional or alternative, the subcategories are endless. When I studied homeopathy years ago, I realized there was a war between classical homeopaths and pluralist homeopaths. In science, the model of evolution has always been split into different irreconcilable theories, such as evolution vs creationism.

And then came Quantum Physics with the idea that the way we look at reality matters because the observer is actually part of the experiment.

The real question is not really what you see from one angle or another, but rather how deep your perspective is. The most surprising is that when you establish your experience deep in the ground of consciousness, all perspectives become as one, and previously apparent oppositions can be integrated. The whole world flips over, and what you see becomes but a tiny fraction of the underlying consciousness in which everything is a possibility.

In medicine, the previous opposition of conventional and alternative medicine becomes Integrative medicine, redefining the model of evolution to include purpose and finality. The dichotomy of mind and body dissolves in an understanding of the downward causation model, where both are a possibility of consciousness. In expanding the horizon of medical science, more creative possibilities of healing become available.

The implications at other levels, religious, social, and economic, are also tremendous. Some of the most virulent debates in our society become laughable when you come to understand the relativity of things and the interconnectivity of all individuals.

Being pro-conscious is a revolutionary process in which an individual experiences a more unified reality, a profound and refreshing experience of the world that will allow the next step of our evolution as we integrate opposing views in our society.

The real challenge is not in debating our differences. The real challenge is in deepening our personal and collective experience of the world – re-wiring our personal and collective brain.

Let’s grow together in Consciousness!  (