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Full Moon Meditation February 27th

Awaken the Heart of Compassion

Please join Dr. Paul Drouin and Project Noosphere for Global Meditation at anytime on February 27th.

We invite you to join Dr. Paul Drouin and the Project Noosphere community in the Noosphere Pyramid for our very first Global Meditation! Draw upon the magic of the Full Moon and awaken the heart of compassion to create a more harmonious life for yourself, others and the entire planet.

It is believed that the Full Moon, much like its ability to impact ocean/tides due to its strong gravitational effect on the planet, can also affect human behavior given the fact our bodies are made of 75% water. Therefore, to prepare for your meditation, we invite you to download our partner’s mobile application ‘QiVibe’ (free for 1 month) via the iOs App Store or Google Play, and charge your water with the water charger and/or your crystals in the frequency section.

You can drink your charged water before the meditation, or wear your crystals during, to reinforce your intention and your connection with participants around the world.

How to join on February 27:

*Join at anytime on February 27*
Visit and log in by using your email and password. If you are not yet a member, click here to register.


Download our NEW Project Noosphere Mobile Application on iOS or Android by searching ‘Project Noosphere’ in the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store. You can then use your existing log in details to sign in. If you are not yet a member, you can register an account by following the prompts.


When logged in to either the website or mobile application, you can follow the prompts to set your intention to ‘Heal Yourself, Heal The World’. You can then choose to meditate using the NEW Guided Meditation hosted in the Noosphere Pyramid or skip this step to commence your own intimate meditation session.

Please note: You can visit the website at any time to see how many members around the globe are currently online and meditating on the same intention by referring to the counters on the Meditation Page.