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Coronavirus Global Mediation March 26th

Heal The World From Coronavirus With Your Healing Intention

Join Dr. Paul Drouin and Dr. Michele Kattke For This Global Meditation. 

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Amplified with Plasma Technology and SubSpace Quantum Biofeedback Protocol

Meditation Will Go For 24 Hours Around The World

Thursday, March 26th

2020/03/26 09:35:06

Join Project Noosphere, a “Unique Global Consciousness Accelerator,” now amplified with plasma technology and Quantum Biofeedback to facilitate and support the health of individuals and the whole planet at this critical time.

Coherence generates Health and Wealth. Project Noosphere will be experiencing a super state of Coherence with Plasma Technology (Theraphi), and Subspace Quantum Biofeedback Protocol with Erina Carey Cowan, B.S., P.A., Q.B.T., C.S.D.  This sophisticated stream of high-density bio-information will be made available for you during Project Noosphere Coronavirus Meditation to effectively embed your personal intention as natural charge currents within the healing space of non local Space-time. 

If you have access to these tools, click the button below for access to the protocol.

If you would like to intensify your life force, or increase your metabolic rate for relief from pain, for longevity and for rejuvenation, and even increase your own immunity, come together with thousands of other online meditators as we set our intention together to Heal Yourself and Heal the World: and especially from Coronavirus. See below to find out how to join the Global Meditation. 

To Join The Online Global Meditation

Follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you are logged in to Project Noosphere

2. Click the ‘Meditation’ Page from the Main Menu

3. Scroll down to Step 1  to Set your Intention

4. Your Intention will be posted on the Noosphere Map, click the ‘Join Global Meditation Now’ button

5. When the page loads, you will be taken to Step 2 to enjoy the Special Guided Meditation

Contact if you have any issues logging in or joining the meditation.