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40 Gandhis and the Power of Global Meditation

A year ago, Quantum University launched a new initiative for humanity, Project Noosphere, with the intention of creating a unique global consciousness accelerator to facilitate and support the health of individuals, as well the whole planet.

Project Noosphere works through the principle of entanglement, a basic principle of quantum physics in which all participants become interconnected through their intention and focus.

The initial intention of Project Noosphere was to bring people together in a movement that can transcend the limited nature of the mind and negativity and transform it to one that opens the world to a new awareness and a higher state of consciousness.

Scientific studies support the statement that prayer and meditation can heal at a distance through nonlocal intention and that if we can reach a critical mass of 1%, we can shift the collective negative and criminal behavior to a more a peaceful state.

At the beginning of last year, I embarked on a world tour to meditate at special energetic vortex locations: Mokoli’i, Oahu, Hawaii (Chinaman’s Hat); Bangalore, India (Pyramid Valley); Lumbini, Nepal (Buddha’s Birthplace); Beijing, China (Forbidden City); New York City, USA (World Trade Center); Cow Bay, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (birthplace of my grandson Tommy); and Athens, Greece (Parthenon) were the sites chosen to launch this worldwide meditation movement and begin to build a critical mass of like-minded individuals.
Another inspiration for Project Noosphere was Gandhi, who long ago changed the destiny of a nation. Although very few people have his extraordinary charisma, it seems possible that 1000 of us working together could achieve the result of one Gandhi and that we could consider 1000 meditation participants to be the equivalent of one Gandhi.
By the Winter Solstice meditation on December 21st, 2016, we had already reached the equivalent of 34 Gandhis (more than 34,000 participants) in Project Noosphere during our first year.

I can’t put into words how uplifted I was when 2000 people (two Gandhis) gathered together for the Solstice meditation to share a common intention.  And at present, we have already reached more than 38,000 intentional Project Noosphere meditations… soon to be 40.

Meditation reshapes our morphogenetic field and connects us non-locally, as explained by the principles of quantum physics.
This year Project Noosphere will be offering a unique new course, Pro-Consciousness Meditation, to enhance and empower the meditations of everybody.


Let’s grow this movement together in 2017. Please take some time each day to join together in meditation or prayer by logging in to[Bookmark this site so it’s easier to log in next time.] Wouldn’t you agree that if a thousand of us meditate together, our intentions will be more powerful? We also invite you to share your intentions on the Project Noosphere website, and let us know what you have experienced since joining this worldwide movement in consciousness.

With thousands of other like-minded meditators around the globe, you are not alone. Each time you send your intention of healing to the world you are also receiving support from thousands of others in the non-local infinity of the universe where all are connected through our inner energy field. Heal yourself, your family, your community, your nation, and the whole world.