The Science of Pro-Consciousness Meditation – Part 1

Meditation for Consciousness Evolution and Well-Being

Meditation has been used since ancient times to evolve consciousness from the limited ego, which is identified with the physical body and attachment to the senses, to expanded states of consciousness, including superconsciousness and soul perception of an omniscient, omnipresent, and individualized spirit. Scientific meditation is considered a panacea and produces an array of positive outcomes, including improved cognitive functioning, increased concentration and attention span, improved memory, increased brain activity in areas associated with happiness and positive thinking, increased restful sleep, improved creativity and problem-solving, enhanced ability to learn, decreased rate of serious illness, reversal of the aging process, and heart-brain coherence. With meditation, you can experience profound transformations across all areas of life by integrating this scientific technique into your lifestyle routine.

Figure 1: Chakra energy centers along the cerebrospinal axis. The seven main chakra energy centers are produced by peripheral neurons linked to endocrine organs.

Meditation is the science of reversing the downward flow of consciousness through the cerebrospinal centers, also known as chakras or nerve centers in the physical spine, to experience ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss (Figure 1). Consciousness descends through the Sahasrara chakra or thousand petaled lotus energy center in the cerebrum; however, we can use scientific techniques to raise consciousness up the cerebrospinal axis and reach self-realization. The goal of meditation is to ascend energy up the subtle energetic centers in the cerebrospinal axis in a controlled way, since mind, imagination, and belief is not enough to reach progressively higher states of awakening and consciousness. Life force or pranic energy from the zero-point quantum energy field enters the body via the medulla oblongata at the base of the skull; this pranic energy is stored in the brain and then flows down the spine to sustain the muscles, organs, and senses in the periphery of the body. Several techniques of scientific meditation that have been used to unite the soul with spirit, or the zero point quantum energy field, include: 1) tension and relaxation techniques to remove energy from the muscles and peripheral nerve endings, 2) breathing techniques to regulate pranic circulation, 3) moral and spiritual actions like self-reflection and unselfishly helping others, and 4) scientific meditation while concentrating between the eyes at the ajna chakra, which reflects the light of pranic energy entering at the polarity of the medulla oblongata (Figure 2). By practicing scientific meditation, we can spiritualize body, mind, and life to bring ourselves to a higher plane of consciousness and vibration, which creates our experiences of peace, joy, bliss, and ecstasy.

Figure 2: Liberation of energy during the scientific technique of meditation. Meditation and concentration of the eyes at the point between the eyebrows ascends energy through the chakra energy centers in the cerebrospinal axis to the 3rd eye (ajna) and crown (sarasrara) chakras in the brain.

Figure3: The meditator uses tension-relaxation and breathing techniques to consciously regulate the circulation of prana along the cerebrospinal axis.

The Science of Meditation

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, the majority of an individual’s thoughts and feelings sequester his or her energy in the lower three chakra energy centers of the body, which are focused on survival, procreation, consumption, and the fight or flight response. For the average person, ~95% of the energy in our nervous system needs to be liberated and driven to the higher energy centers of the brain (Figure 1 and 2). During meditation, the breath is used to consciously withdraw the energy from the muscles and periphery of the body and ascend the energy up the cerebrospinal axis. Furthermore, the meditator can contract the muscles of the perennium, which are used during excretion and located in the lower and upper abdomen, while inhaling to pull energy from the lower energy centers up into the brain. While inhaling, the sutures of the skull open slightly, and the sacrum at the base of the spine flexes backwards. This coordinated opening of the sutures of the skull and backward flexing of the sacrum drains the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). While exhaling, the sutures of the skull close, and the sacrum flexes forward, which pushes the CSF upward towards the brain (Figure 3). The CSF is made of positively and negatively charged proteins and salts in solution; so, during inhalation and exhalation, the charged molecules in the CSF accelerate to create an inductance field, and the energy from the lower energy centers starts moving upward to the brain.

Figure 4: Circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the Central Nervous System. The CSF circulates in the spine and enters the ventricular system, where it bathes the pineal gland at the base of the third ventricle with nutrients while eliminating toxins.

When the liberated energy strikes the pineal gland, the brain becomes super lucid and produces high frequency gamma brainwaves of the superconscious state (Figure 4). According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, in this state, the internal reality is more real than anything happening externally, and the meditator is transmuting lower vibrational emotions to liberate energy and create a powerful polarity of positive charge at the brain and negative charge at the root chakra of the spine. The cerebrospinal axis becomes like a polarized magnet, which produces an electromagnetic field and liberates an immense amount of energy. When the pineal gland becomes activated by liberated energy and intrathecal pressure, piezoelectric microcalcite crystals produce an electromagnetic field. In response to this electrical signal, the microcrystals in the pineal gland resonate, oscillate or vibrate. The resonating microcalcite crystals access information directly from the quantum field, and the brain transduces these frequencies into information in very profound ways, which produces increased consciousness and awareness. Energy from the unified field or zero point energy field carries information in the form of thoughts and imagery to create an inner experience in the mind, which is perceived as a blissful, immersive experience.

Figure 5: The Human Brainwave States. During meditation, the individual’s brainwaves shift from the awake and alert Beta state to progressively deeper states of relaxation with Alpha-Theta-Delta or into the superconscious Gamma state.

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