Pro-Consciousness Meditation Kit (Course + Crystal Tools)

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The Pro-Consciousness Meditation Kit includes the Pro-Consciousness Meditation Course, Crystal technology products including the Flower of Life Diamond Crystal, the Vogel Cut Crystal Wand, and the Crystal Pendant and NOW includes the Vital Force Te2 Homeopathy Product which assists with the enhancement of meditation and clarity.

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Pro-Consciousness Meditation presents a creative and profound way to enhance your practice of meditation and/or a path to effectively start a new discipline. This innovative course introduces a technology called T-Squared Meditation, implementing concepts of Quantum Physics and the artful utilization of Breath, Soul Mantra, and Pre-Informed Crystals.

This powerful meditation technique addresses the multidimensional nature of human reality, represented in the vital, mental, supramental, and bliss bodies.

What if it were possible to reach a point of singularity in meditation, where you could reset your subtle energetic bodies? What if, in using crystals and mantra, you could open and expand your inner vision toward another field of reality? What if you could experience altered states of consciousness by achieving gamma waves in QEEG brain mapping? What if the experience of perceiving Divine Light became a common result of your meditation?

This is what you will learn and experience through Pro-Consciousness Meditation.

Course Outline:

  1. Research and Benefits of Meditation
  2. History of Meditation
  3. Meditation and Personal Experiment
  4. Quantum Physics, Torus Field, Space, Black Hole, Brain Crystal Radio
  5. Crystals and Morphogenetic Fields
  6. Empowerment of the Breath and Quantum Physics
  7. The Sacred Sound (Soul Mantra)
  8. Project Noosphere

Course Take Away:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the multiple effects and benefits of meditation, including physiology and brain transformation.
  • Discuss the theory of quantum physics, Torus Field, Space Brain, Black Holes, and Brain Crystal Radio as applied to meditation.
  • Explain the process of transcending, including the use of multidimensional approaches of combining Breath, Soul Mantra, and Sacred Geometry.
  • Describe the Power of Intention and expound upon its effect on global consciousness.
  • Describe how T-Squared Meditation can be applied and/or integrated into personal practice.

This video explains how these crystals can help with your meditation practice. Taken directly from Dr. Paul Drouin’s comprehensive meditation course.

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