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New Moon Global Meditation July 20th

Proclaim Your Power of Health Within Consciousness Please join Project Noosphere's Global Meditation at anytime on July 20th.  As a new moon occurs on July 20th...

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Earth Day LIVE Global Meditation April 22nd

The Live Earth Day Global Meditation has ended   Please view the playback of Dr. Paul Drouin's Live Meditation Held on Earth Day below. You can choose...

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Coronavirus Global Mediation March 26th

Heal The World From Coronavirus With Your Healing Intention Join Dr. Paul Drouin and Dr. Michele Kattke For This Global Meditation.  Supported By Amplified with Plasma Technology...

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Quantum Culture Is Pro-Consciousness

Today when we analyze our society at different levels, we tend to use filters that are often divisive and seldom creative. For example, we...

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The Internal Quantum Mechanics of Subtle Energy Anatomy

It is fascinating to recognize that when you start to study quantum medicine, your mind opens to the movement of subtle energy both internally...

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